About Us

Solar energy isn’t just our business,

it's our passion.

Since 2008, Sunwise are proud to have installed more than 10 million watts of solar power in Western Australia. We are passionate about solar energy, and about solar powering the future.

Our CEO Glen Holland grew up in the bush, immersed in the great outdoors. He combined an early passion for tinkering with electronics with his love of nature, by studying botany and then qualifying as an electrical engineer. Glen is passionate about renewable energy and knows every single component of a photovoltaic system like the back of his hand.

Glen’s expertise and reputation for quality installation are the driving force behind Sunwise Energy growing to become the most trusted and proven supplier of solar systems in Bunbury and the South West.

Sunwise Energy is proud to help hundreds of families save thousands of dollars every year.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide solar power products,services and information
toward a better and more sustainable way of being.

If we help save the planet while we’re at it,we’re pretty happy about that too.

Sunwise - Bunbury Solar Panel
and Renewable Energy Specialists

Getting your home or business on solar could save you money – and you could get up and running without any initial outlay. Call Sunwise Energy and ask us about our finance packages and $0 upfront cost option.

Our Team

The Sunwise team are a passionate crew with more than 150 years of combined solar experience between them.