Off Grid Solar


Live off the grid with solar self-sufficiency

If you’re about to build in a rural area, you might be shocked at the price of connecting to the power utility. Rather than paying for poles and wires, it makes better sense to invest in a sustainable future. Not only will it generate long term savings and be less damaging for the planet and climate, but it’s a great feeling to not rely on the power authorities and big business.

Quality Parts and quality workmanship

Our reputation for quality design and installation has seen Sunwise Energy become the trusted supplier of off grid solar systems from Marble Bar to Northcliffe. We use quality, energy-efficient parts so you get a hassle-free system that’s built to last. Our expertise has earned us off grid solar installations such as the Bruce Rock Airport, where our system powers the landing lights for the Royal Flying Doctors Service. Sunwise was even chosen to install an off grid solar system in Broken Hill, New South Wales! We are proud to be one of the very few fully accredited Clean Energy Council Stand Alone Power System designers and installers working in WA.

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Getting your home or business on solar could save you money – and you could get up and running without any initial outlay. Call Sunwise Energy and ask us about our finance packages and $0 upfront cost option.


$0 upfront cost option.

Sunwise Energy offers finance packages to get your business solar savings without any initial outlay.

Call and ask us about our finance options.

Buy now and save forever.

Off grid solar power solutions with batteries can be in the region of $40,000 for a typical family, so it is a big investment. We work very carefully with you to tailor the best system to suit your needs now and for the future, and have the system paying for itself in a few years. Government rebates may also be applicable to offset the purchase price. Our systems are built to last with quality parts to provide the greatest energy efficiency.

How we help you choose the right off grid solar system.

1. Work out your power needs
2. Review meteorological data
3. Size your system

We sweat the details so you’ll have no worries

Stop wasting money on power.



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Don’t risk your significant investment in self-sustainable energy to any pop-up
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